About Us

177957_orig Laura Teichmann, owner and manager of Willow Creek Kennels, is Amarillo born and raised. At a young age Laura knew she wanted to do something with animals. With the help of her father John Beard, Laura worked hard in training as she grew up, and even finished her first AKC title on a beloved collie named “Good Golly Ms. Mollie” at the young age of thirteen. She even graduated from Tascosa High School. In 1994 John and Starla Beard with Laura their daughter as manager purchased Willow Creek Kennels. They began with twenty five dogs staying the night on the 4th of July holiday, and this last year the kennels housed seventy five. Laura was always active in making sure the kennels was well thought out from grooming to training. Laura learned grooming through international trade shows and even competed in grooming competitions in 1998, after that she began teaching local kennel training in 2000, as well as competing in breeding competitions with Cocker Spaniel “Jimmy”, and Bichon “Jasper”. It didn’t end there though, Laura also competed in agility trials with her Cocker Spaniel “Jimmy”, and continues to currently do obedience with her Lab Mix Shiloh, who has four obedience titles to date, and is currently working towards his top level Utility Dog Title, and then to the highest level the Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH). In 2009 we lost the loved by many owner of the Kennels John Beard. After his untimely death Laura took over the kennels, and is now running it as its current owner. Laura is still at the kennels most days working the front desk, or grooming dogs. She “Loves to take something and make it all new, the big differences always bring smiles.” Her love for animals shows not only in her business, but in her home life as well. With four dogs, and four cats, the Teichmann household is run just like the kennels. Laura knows how important your animals mean to you “We understand your pets are like your kids. Our dogs go to the bank with us, sleep with us, and are our constant companions.” She plans to own the kennels for the rest of her days, making you, and your pets feel loved and safe.