Frequently Asked Questions On Cat And Dog Boarding, Dog Training And Dog Grooming

What do I need to bring?

  • Current proof of vaccinations including rabies, distemper/parvo complex and bordetella.
  • Medication in prescription bottles, (insulin injections drawn up)
  • Special diet placed in Ziploc bags by feedings. We will provide stainless steel bowls for food, which are cleaned daily, and buckets for fresh water.
  • A few toys, chews or treats
  • Emergency contact number. Cell phones are fine, but please include a back-up number in case you can not be reached or don’t have service.
  • Please don’t bring food or water dishes, bedding, or kennels/crates.

How is your pricing figured?

Pricing is per day which includes the day you drop off and the day you pick up regardless of time. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience which includes Monday through Saturday from 8AM until 6 PM and Sundays 4 to 5pm.

What do you do if my dog gets sick?

The first thing we do is try to contact you, then your veterinarian. If they are not available, we will use the after-hours clinic.