Dog and Cat Boarding Rates

Under 20″ $22.00/day
20″ and over $24.00/day
Medications $1.50 per dose
Cats $12.00/day

Our feline room offers individual suites for your cats to nest, and enjoy the multiple levels. We offer exclusive one on one play time with your feline as it gets to roam the room and play with the trees, perch on the window sill, or get pet like the royalty they are.

We also offer indoor/outdoor runs for your canine companion. Each run is suited to the dog’s size, and companions. Each run has heated floors, beds for them to lay on, beautiful views of the outdoors, and are separated from others. When it is hot outside, we make sure the animals stay cool with our air conditioned wings. Our expansive grassy play yards allow us to take your dog out for a Rough ‘N’ Tumble experience, with tennis balls, toys, and belly rubs galore. We also offer walking around the perimeter so they can smell trees, stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors. Or if they would rather cozy up in your lap and cuddle, our Sit ‘N’ Spoil is the way to go.

We make sure your companion is safe and loved regardless if they are feline, or canine. You can personalize their experience for a stay that feels like home away from home.

Does your pet require a special diet? Is he on a daily medication? Just let us know. We will gladly accommodate special requests.

Special Pet Boarding Features and Rates

Nature Walk $5.00
A gentle stroll around the grounds to brighten the day, perfect for those older guests that need a little encouragement to exercise.
Rough and Tumble $7.00
Ramped up playtime with ball throwing and Frisbee tossing, just the thing to work off pent up energy.
Sit N’ Spoil $5.00
Personal, quiet one on one time with our staff, everyone wants a good belly rub and some loving.
Yappy Hour $3.00
A yummy treat of milk bones and peanut butter stuffed in a kong. Your dog will have a great time as he whiles away the afternoon working these goodies.
Spoil Me Rotten Price of activity + $2.00
Additional: Your choice of nature walk, rough and tumble, or sit n’ spoil and a yappy hour