Your beloved pet can experience a lavish spa experience which includes a manicure, a fabulous fur wash, and thorough brushing that will whisk away most of that loose fur. Pets that need haircuts can rely on our groomers who are well trained to style your dog to breed standards, giving it a nice polished finish. Every animal is different, as are their owners, and our groomers are willing to work one on one with you to give your animal the pampered look you desire, as long as the pet is able to achieve that look. No hair extensions at this salon.


Small: $20.00 & up
Medium: $22.00 & up
Large: $30.00 & up
X-Large: $40.00 & up


Small: $38.00 & up
Medium: $44.00 & up
Large: $60.00 & up

We do charge extra for any dog that is extremely matted, dirty, or has flea and ticks. We also offer a variety of SPA packages for each pet such as a deshed program or an itch fix. Please make sure you get a corrected price on drop off for your individual pet.