Doggy Do Right Training

Training Lessons

Doggy Do Right: $750.00
Two weeks of training, learning the basic commands: Walk on loose leash, sit, stay, down and come, plus a DVD of two training sessions, a private session on pick up, and free unlimited Saturday school.

Just You and Your Dog: $500.00
Training includes four private training sessions with you, your dog, and one of our professional trainers.

Willow Creek Kennels offers a two week Board and Train program, where we get to the root of basic training, and make sure your pet knows what they are supposed to be doing, furthering the lifelong bond you have with your dog. Most dogs really enjoy the training. We find that the dogs we train want to please us and their owners. The right kind of instruction in the right environment results in the desired behavioral changes with lasting affects.

Our training cannot change the root of your dog’s personality, yet they will have better manners in terms of basic obedience. Training will not change your dog’s energy level or temperament. We also cannot “fix” normal behaviors such as digging, chewing, or barking. We are happy to help you understand these issues and how to manage your dog differently.

We offer Saturday class or a scheduled lesson to help you be successful once your dog returns home. It is just as important to teach you as it is to teach your dog! Therefore we recommend clients come out for a minimum of three training sessions with us (but even more is better!) so that we can teach them how to maintain what their dog has learned and how to properly communicate and motivate their dogs. We give a lifetime commitment with our board and train clients….if you ever need help, one of our trainers is there to help you solve any problems!

If you have further questions about this, please give us a call!